I want to know if I’m currently infected with COVID-19

Update January 22nd, 2021:

The cost for the COVID-19 PCR test is 125 USD and the results will be available within 24hours of collection. Please bear in mind that both a oropharyngeal and nasopharyngeal swap will be collected.

We are partnering with Med Care (280-0630, info@medcare.aw) on this. Please contact them for Fit-to-Fly declarations. LDS doesn’t collect samples for COVID-19 PCR and/or antigen.

This test will only determine the presence and/or absence of the COVID-19 virus. It cannot exclude other viral and/or bacterial causes of the viral symptoms. For this additional tests are needed (for instance Influenza A/B and RSV) which will incur additional costs.

Please keep in mind that as of now, the General Health Insurance of Aruba doesn’t cover the COVID-19 test.

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