About Us

LDS, formerly Service Lab Xpert (SLX), began providing medical laboratory services to the people of Aruba in August 2012. Its primary focus is providing laboratory services for general practitioners. In recent years, clients such as medical specialists, medical institutions, veterinary practices, and companies have also increasingly used services provided by LDS. LDS started with one sample collection center at the main location. Over the years, this has rapidly expanded into multiple sample collection centers across Aruba, mainly at practices of general practitioners.

Laboratorio di Servicio is a modern medical laboratory providing it’s clients various types of laboratory testing on its modern state of the art analyzers.

  • State of the art laboratory equipment and tests.
  • Receive test results within a day.
  • Test results can be sent to your email address.
  • Laboratory tests are available for everyone. AZV members and non-AZV members.
  • LDS sends results online to family physicians and medical specialists.

With Knowledge, Passion and Professionalism


Laboratorio di Servicio (LDS) was accredited in September 2019 by the Dutch Accreditation Council (RvA) under M317, making it the first laboratory on Aruba to be accredited under the RvA. This was a great accomplishment and it's thanks to a great team who is continuously able to perform under any circumstances. This accreditation means that both patients and doctors can place their trust in the quality of the services, professionalism and results.

Most recently, and despite the pandemic, the Accreditation Council informed LDS on March 17, 2021 that the accreditation status was retained. This keeps LDS well on track with their aim to provide the best quality laboratory care in Aruba.

We at Laboratorio di Servicio greatly appreciate all comments, suggestions, and even complaints from our customers, both doctors and patients, so that we can continuously improve the quality of our system. LDS values the trust you place in us as a customer by consistently using our services. This confidence gives us the courage to continue our course of giving you the service every person in Aruba deserves.


At LDS, we strive to become Aruba's first-line diagnostic center by providing reliable, innovative services with adequate quality and service to ensure the health of the people of Aruba. With this, we also contribute to the economic growth of the island and the well-being of current and future generations.


LDS is a laboratory organization that is committed to operating in a most professional, innovative, and patient-centered manner. By applying healthy financial strategies coupled with an integral quality care system, it enables LDS to provide quality health care services against competitive tariffs. LDS thrives on taking on the challenge and responsibility of actively participating in health care initiatives benefiting the communities of the geographical areas serviced.