I want to know if I had COVID-19 in the past

If you do not have any symptoms of a viral infection/COVID-19 (fever, cough, loss of smell, etc.) you may drop by at our main location (Caya JEM Arends #15).

The test for antibodies (IgG) against COVID-19 is a blood test for which you do not have to be in the fasting state.

Also, no appointment is needed.

This test is usually indicated when the person has at least 14 days since the start of the symptoms. Please keep in mind that if you are currently having symptoms, you are not allowed to enter the laboratory and must stay in your car.

The cost for this test (COVID-19 IgG) is 45 AWG and results will be available the same day. The test cannot determine if you have antibodies against other viruses or bacteria. For that additional tests are needed.

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