Urine Culture

General information

For examination of your urine, you have been referred to Laboratorio di Servicio. In this instruction sheet you will find instructions for the collection and delivery of urine for cultivation.

The purpose of the test

The goal of a urine culture is to gain insight into the nature and quantity of pathogenic bacteria in the urinary bladder. In midstream urine the chance of finding these bacteria is greatest. Midstream urine is the urine that is collected after first a part of the bladder contents is emptied in the toilet.

General Instructions

You should preferably collect your urine for urine culture directly at one of the branches of Laboratorio di Servicio. The urine can only be collected at home if it cannot be done differently (for example for small children, babies or people in need of help).

Instructions for collecting urine

  • It is important for the test to collect a midstream urine;
  • Clean the genitals with a damp cloth;
  • For the urine collection, a little urine should first be peed in the toilet or in a container for other urine tests;
  • Afterwards, at least 20 ml of urine needs to be collected in the sterile culture container (the container may only be opened at the moment the urine is put in);
  • The rest of the urine can go in the toilet;
  • Write your name and date of birth on the urine container;
  • Also write the time of when the collection took place on the urine container;
  • Store urine in the refrigerator;

Urine collection of babies and small children

  • Urine of babies or small children may be collected at home;
  • You will receive a urine bag and a sterile container from the employee;
  • If there is enough urine in the pouch (at least 20 ml), cut this pouch open and empty the pouch in the sterile container (the container may only be opened at the moment the urine is put in);
  • On the container you need to write down the name, date of birth, date and time of the collection;
  • Always take into account the opening times of the Laboratorio di Servicio when handing in the sample;

Handing in the urine

The application form from the attending physician, must be returned with the urine, with a valid AZV card. The urine should be delivered in a brown paper bag before 3:00 pm at our main branch or before closing time at one of our other branches of Laboratorio di Servicio which is closest to your home.


It is not necessary to make an appointment for this test.

ATTENTION! It is very important that, when handing in the urine container, it has your identification and it is handed to a Laboratorio di Servicio employee. This means that the name, surname and date of birth of the patient must be clearly stated. If the patient delivers the urine sample without this data, it will not be accepted and the test must be repeated.


The result of the examination will be sent to the attending physician within 2-3 working days.

Additional Information

If you still have questions after reading this information,
please contact the laboratory at 582-0999.