Collection of Feces

General information

For examination of your stool, you have been referred to Laboratorio di Servicio. In this instruction sheet you will find instructions for the collection and delivery of the stool sample.

General Instructions

Your practitioner has requested laboratory test in stool (feces). For a good result it is essential that you collect, store and transport the stool according to the laboratory procedures and bring it to the laboratory. The collection of the stool sample takes place in a feces collection container which you receive with this leaflet at our laboratory or at one of our other the branches.

The following recommendations ensure rapid processing of the material:

  • Do not collect stools during menstruation. Set up the collection of stools up to three days after menstruation;
  • Make sure the stool does not come into contact with urine, water or detergent in the toilet. Use the plastic container for this.
  • Write down your name and date of birth (if this is not noted), the date of collection and time on the container;
  • If the material cannot be brought to the laboratory immediately (after working time / on weekends), it must be stored in the refrigerator (2 – 8 ° C);
  • Return to the laboratory before 3:00pm.

Instructions for ACW, feces culture, Helicobacter AG and Occult blood

  • Collect the stool in the plastic container;
  • Scoop the front and last part of the stool into the container using the spoon of the feces container. An amount the size of a marble is sufficient; if watery, pour a little into the feces container.
  • Watery or diarrhea samples are not suitable for testing Helicobacter AG.

Instructions for fecal swab

  • Collect the stool in the plastic container;
  • Put the cotton swab in the feces until the tip is no longer visible and rotate for 3-5 sec in the feces;
  • Remove the cotton swab without coming into contact with the wall of the feces container;
  • Put the cotton swab in the medium (preservative);
  • Break off and close well with the cap;

Handing in the sample

The application form from the attending physician must be returned with the sample, with a valid AZV card. The stool sample should be delivered in a brown paper bag before 3:00 pm at our main branch or before closing time at one of our other branches of Laboratorio di Servicio which is closest to your home.


It is not necessary to make an appointment for this test.

ATTENTION! It is very important that, when handing in the sample, it has your identification and it is handed to a Laboratorio di Servicio employee. This means that the name, surname and date of birth of the patient must be clearly stated. If the patient delivers the sample without this data, it will not be accepted and the test must be repeated.


The result of the examination will be sent to the attending physician within 2-3 working days.

Additional Information:

If you still have questions after reading this information,
please contact the laboratory at 582-0999.