24-Hour Urine

General information

For examination of your urine, you have been referred to Laboratorio di Servicio. In this instruction sheet you will find instructions for the collection and delivery of 24-hours urine.

The purpose of the test

Because you release different amounts of substances in your urine throughout the day, you will be asked to collect all urine for 24 hours. This collection takes place in urine collection bottles that you receive with this leaflet at our laboratory or at one of our other the branches.

General Instructions

  • When the urine is not fully collected, you must start collecting again in an empty urine container at a new time. Wrongly collected urine leads to erroneous results.
  • You may not collect 24-hours urine during menstruation.
  • You do not have to drink more than normal water to be able to pee more. Continue to drink normally as you do every day.
  • The container with urine should be stored in a cool place. Direct sunlight and heat should be avoided during transport.

Instruction for collecting 24-hour urine

  • Select a day on which you are at home. Preferably do not start collecting on a Friday or Saturday. On the weekend, no urine can be returned to the laboratory;
  • Discharge the first urine in the morning into the toilet;
  • The following urine should be discharged into the urine container. Write down the date and time of the urine collection on the application form. This time is: “Start collection date and time”;
  • From that moment on, collect all urine in the urine container for 24 hours;
  • Before defecating, first urinate into the urine collection container;
  • The next day, at the same time as you started collecting, you will collect the last portion of urine in the urine container;
  • This time is: “End of collection date and time”. Write down this date and time on the application form;
  • The collection of the 24-hour urine is then terminated.

Handing in the 24-hour urine

The application form from the attending physician must be returned with the urine, with a valid AZV card. The urine should be delivered in a brown paper bag before 3:00 pm at our main branch or before closing time at one of our other branches of Laboratorio di Servicio which is closest to your home.


You do not have to make an appointment for this test. You will have to stop by the nearest branch of Laboratorio di Servicio to pick up a urine container.

ATTENTION! It is very important that, when handing in the urine container, it has your identification together with the start- and end-of-collection date and time and it is handed in to a Laboratorio di Servicio employee. This means that the name, surname and date of birth of the patient must be clearly stated. If the patient delivers the urine sample without this data, it will not be accepted and the test must be repeated.


The result of the examination will be sent to the attending physician within 2 working days.

Additional information

If you still have questions after reading this information,
please contact the laboratory at 582-0999.